A baffling abduction, a deadly confrontation, and the theft of mysterious 3D printing materials and prototypes—all within 48 hours in Baltimore City. Private detective Charlaine Pennington races to sort it out before a lethally dangerous force is unleashed into the underworld of international crime.

"Open this creme de la creme by a native son of Baltimore and experience a modern mystery masterpiece."

"The character exchanges remind me in the classical sense of the direct honesty of Ernest Hemingway dialogue and of the modern writing of Michael Connelly’s great Harry Bosch series."

"Just read the first chapter and you'll be hooked."

"Cramblitt creates such a world of intrigue with this cast of fascinating characters who are part of nonstop action."

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Rock 'n roll romance novel
Rock 'n roll romance novel

What happens when two cynics fall in love, disrupting what they thought were settled, semi-happy lives? Probably Lives in Tahiti is the often humorous, sometimes profound, story of lovers navigating the hopes, dreams and doubts that can make or break a fledgling romance.

"A beautiful slice of life with well developed characters and ageless truths about love, death, and emotion."

"A superb collection of insights into careers, characters, and risk-taking. Most impressive is the rich and true dialogue."

"Breezily written and overall amusing, but also quite moving in spots with many 'truth bombs' along the way."

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A book of vignettes on everyday suburban life
A book of vignettes on everyday suburban life

Parker and Shelly might be living a comfy middle-aged life in the suburbs, but they haven’t given up the quest for discovery: thinking and talking about things like where lottery hosts buy their clothes, whether it’s truly a good sign when there are a lot of Chinese people in a Chinese restaurant, how to process the advice of a lying therapist, and other universal mysteries.

"Beautifully written vignettes that are funny, witty, reflective, relatable and at times profound."

"This brief collection of snapshots makes for a delightful and surprisingly moving little read—equally laugh-out-loud funny and emotionally stirring..."

"A charming and idiosyncratic book you can’t really define, even though you can’t stop reading it."

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"Long Live Lenny Leftover" is published in Issue 10 of the Waxing and Waning Literary Journal.